How do you start and stop CA SymDump for CICS at CICS initialization and shutdown time? What are the CA SymDump for CICS programs that you add to the CICS PLT tables?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA SymDump for CICS requires the use of global user exit XDUREQ and one optional exit XRMIOUT. Since a program abend can occur at any time after CICS initialization it is recommended that you start CA SymDump for CICS automatically at CICS PLT initialization time.


It is recommended that you start CA SymDump for CICS at CICS startup time so all program abends that produce a transaction dump are captured.  Program IN25INST starts CA SymDump for CICS and is placed after the DFHDELIM entry. If CA InterTest for CICS is also installed in you CICS region then the CA SymDump for CICS IN25INST program should always be placed after the CA InterTest for CICS IN25PLT program.

CA SymDump for CICS has an optional startup PLT program IN25INS1. You can add program IN25INS1 to the PLT to automatically purge old dumps from the PROTDMP data set at PLT startup. If the automatic purge of dumps configuration parameter is set to Y, IN25INS1 purges any dumps equal to or older than the number of days specified in the Automatic purge hold days parameter. The default for this parameter is one day. The Automatic purge hold days parameter is outlined in the Users Guide Chapter Capturing Dumps. Program IN25INS1 should always be placed after IN25INST in the PLT.

If you do not want your dumps to be automatically deleted, set the Automatic purge of dumps parameter to N and refer to the Dynamic purge of oldest dump parameter. This allows CA SymDump for CICS to dynamically purge non-held dumps during dump capture on a first-in, first-out basis to obtain space for the new dump.

Below is an example of the PLT startup entries.


You can automatically deactivate CA SymDump for CICS by adding program IN25ENPL before the DFHDELIM in your CICS shutdown PLT table. Below is an example of the PLT shutdown entries.