How do you remove a DC from the DA?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do you remove a DC from the DA?


What do you do when the DC is no longer needed or is in a "ghost" state?


PM 2.3.4 or greater



While there is no readily available way to accomplish a removal from the GUI, CA Support does have a script to accomplish this removal.  There are some eligibility requirements for it to be able to be used though.  In order for a DC to be eligible for deletion it must:

  1. Have an IP Domain that still exists in the system.  When looking at /rest/dcms, find the ghost DC.  Find the IPDomainID value.  Then look at /rest/ipdomains/<IPDomainID> to see if that IP Domain still exists in the DA.  If the IP Domain doesn't exist, you cannot remove the ghost DC using this script.  There is currently no way to remove it.
  2. Have zero polled items.
  3. Have zero or one monitored devices (the DC item is fine).

If you need to migrate devices from one DC to another to allow for usage of this script the DC re-balancing can be used to move items from one DC to another. The DC that's been flagged for deletion should be shutdown prior to the re-balancing, this should cause any items assigned to that DC to be migrated to a different DC.