How do you free old plans and packages and only keep a specified number of versions of the packages?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the Free Obsolete Packages and Plans CA DB2 tools Post Install task, using Option 1, you specify how many versions to keep. This however will only free packages and plans that are from the current release.

How do you free plans and packages from older releases, so that you are only left with the required number of versions.


The 'Free Obsolete Packages and Plans' install task provides the following two options:

  • Free only the plans and packages associated with a specific product tape release (Option 0)

  • Determines the number of package version for the current tape release it should free based on the "KEEP" version information (Option 1)

Using Option 0, the user specifies a PARMLIB DSN and a PLANSxx member name in the PARMLIB. The package version string is determined from the DBRMLIB specified in the DSNAMExx member, and only packages (and their related plans) with matching version strings will be freed.

Execute the job generated by this task to free obsolete plans and packages used by the CA DB2 products in the specified DB2 subsystem(s). You supply a list of the obsolete plan names in the format of a PLANSxx PARMLIB member. The task Job will compare the resultant plan names to the DB2 catalog and
free the appropriate plans and packages.

The task Job will not free packages that are being referenced by other plans not identified by the input PLANSxx member. Also, the task will free packages only for the release of CA DB2 products that correspond to the DBRMLIB dataset listed in the DSNAMExx member in the PARMLIB you specify.

Select this option when you are removing an older release or freeing a separate environment that you no longer need. You should NOT execute this task using your current, active PLANSxx PARMLIB member, except when you want to remove access to a specific DB2 subsystem. If you inadvertently free needed plans, simply run the "Bind Product Plans" task job to restore the missing plans and packages.

With Option 1, only packages belonging to the currently running release of CA DB2 tools will be freed as determined from the DBRM version string present in the currently active DBRMLIB.

This option frees only versions of packages for which newer versions have been added by maintenance. The current PLANSxx PARMLIB member is used to query the DB2 catalog for the list of package versions to free. You specify how many versions to keep (2-9). Only packages in the current release of CA DB2 products will be freed.