How do you configure Directory Analysis From BSRM to Report More than 2 Levels of directories?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Embedded on BSRM are root-level (i.e. C:\), 1st level (i.e C:\windows) and 2nd level(i.e C:\windows\system32).

I'd like to create some views with the 3rd level (i.e C:\windows\system32\drivers)


Edit VolumeStats.ini

X:BrightStor SRM \ Database\Configuration\VolumeStats.ini file
Change the default value to the number of levels you would like to report on default is 2.

[ Directory ]

In order to capture the 3rd level you then need do the following:

Make sure directory analysis is checked on the Managed computer(s) (located in the Configuration file menu - Modify -Storage Analysis)

Rename the FSDB files on the application server and all the FSDB on the managed computers for new directory report level. X:\BrightStor SRM Data\Database\FSDB.
Restart the application service and the BOS on the remote managed computers. This will refresh the FSDB files to capture the 3rd level next time the Volume collection is ran.

Some of the reports require you to run Collect Now (located in the Configuration file menu) for the volume reports, you need to run Collect Now on Each Volume you want data on. This action initiates the collection of storage analysis information.

After collection has completed for all the computers this includes volume collections, you will need to do the following because 3rd level directories report is not automatically created.

Open the entire directory analysis report showing all the records. Using View and Output Definition, under field check off level and click OK to save,

Figure 1

now the entire report will show all levels ( as configured in VolumeStats.ini) No need to change base report by adding level field. Do a "Save As" of base report and name it level 3,

Figure 2

Then define filter and add under level field Level=3. Save changes.

Figure 3

The new report should now show only the 3rd level records