How do you configure CA Client Automation to Use Offline CIC when a Domain Manager does not have internet access.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details what steps are needed to configure CA Client Automation Content Download (CIC)
so that Domain Managers that are not internet connected can obtain the latest CA signature updates. 



Content Import Client is used to download CA Provided Signatures and UPM Patches into a Domain/Enterprise Manager.

In some cases the Manager is behind a firewall and does not have connection to the internet.

Offline Content Import Client(CIC)  allows users to download signatures on a remote machine, with internet access, and then Export, Copy and Import the signatures into the Manager.



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  1. The Manager that will be importing the offline CIC files will have CIC installed, since it is installed by default. 

         You will have to uninstall that version and re-install the Content Import Client using the OFFLINE IMPORT Method seen below.

2-4-2015 9-36-28 AM.png

Complete the rest of the install from here.


 2.  Offline import Content Import Client is installed on a remote machine, with Internet Access that will be used to Export the Signature Files.

      To install Content Import Client in Export Mode, run setupcic.exe and select the ONLINE EXPORT method as shown below.

 2.  2-4-2015 12-18-40 PM.png


The Offline Export server will then ask if you wish to run CIC as a Service or an Application (Can only run as an Application on a Domain or Enterprise)
As a Service it can be set to Manual Startup or Automatic Startup. 


2-4-2015 2-54-35 PM.png


After the install process is complete, if you selected Automatic Startup the CIC Service will start.

If you selected Manual Startup you will need to start the service from Windows Task Manager.

Under the Services tab find the service called ‘CACIC’  right click it and select Start Service.

2-5-2015 11-16-10 AM.png


Once the Service is started, the following will happen:

  1. Files will start downloading from the ContentDownload Server and populate the \CA\SC\CIC\Staging Folder
  2. the files in the \CA\SC\CIC\Staging Folder will get extracted to the \CA\SC\CIC\OfflineStaging  Folder
  3. When the process is finished These files will get zipped into .baseline files and placed in the \CA\SC\CIC\OfflineBaseline folder.

Offline Baseline folder.png


The files in the CA\SC\CICOfflineBaseline folder, from the remote(ONLINE) machine,

need to be copied into the CA\SC\CIC\Baseline folder on the Manager(OFFLINE).

When the files are copied open a command prompt on the Manager(Offline) navigate to the CA\SC\CIC\BIN Directory and run the command:

 run.bat -p

2-6-2015 10-39-15 AM.png 

The files from the CA\SC\CIC\Baseline Folder will be copied to the CA\SC\Staging folder and then get placed in the Database.


Additional Information:

For more details on Configuring the CA Client Automation Content Download please review the CA Implementation guide