How do we implement a VTS with CA ASM2?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do we implement a VTS (Virtual Tape System) within CA ASM2? Does it make a difference in the vendor product?


CA ASM2 does not recognize Virtual Tape as anything more than a tape esoteric. Whatever you have the device type specified as, is what CA ASM2 will store in the IPC (Integrated Product Catalog). CA ASM2 does not recognize any specific vendor product for any specific VTS.

Simply define your tape device in the $OPTION $TPUNIT field as you would any other physical tape device and CA ASM2 will always treat the device like any other tape device.


$TP359E DC CL8'3590-1 ' UNIT NAME TABLE EXPANSION for VTS        ---> This is a comment so you will always know

                                                                                                             what you defined as a VTS

To assemble and link your $OPTIONS use the ASM2.SAMPJCL(L142IKE)  job.