How do we delete a Financial Department Location OBS Unit?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We want to delete old Financial Department and Location OBS Units. When we try to do this we get different error messages to indicate that the OBS Units are being used in projects and in financial transaction WIP data. If we really want to delete these OBS Units, what are the steps to accomplish this task?

Here are some of the error messages we encounter:

REVMGR-01084:Cannot delete the department(s) because a location association exists

REVMGR-20162:Cannot disassociate location and department because they are being used in a PROJECT_CODE or a change order.

REVMGR-20165:Cannot disassociate location and department because they are being used in the wip table.

ERROR This department cannot be deleted because it is in use on an entity, investment, resource, financial plan or transaction 

ERROR Selected items cannot be deleted because one or more of them are being used 

Steps to Reproduce (Setup):

These steps assume the Administration, WIP Processing setup uses the Project Department and Location as the Source for WIP transactions.  If the WIP Processing setup uses the Employee/Resource Department and Location as the Source for WIP transactions, then the steps would be directed towards the use of the OBS Units within Resource properties and transactions.

  1. Create a Department OBS Unit (myOLDDepartment) and Location OBS Unit (myOLDLocation) combination (linked)
  2. Create a new project (myOLDProject)
  3. Set the Project Financial Properties using these OBS Units
  4. Add a Project Team / Staff Member and assign to a Task on the Project
  5. Create a new Financial Transaction on this Project
  6. Post the Financial Transaction to WIP


NOTE: This functionality requires you to mark Project Financial subpage Properties Status to 'Closed' and Projects Active Status to 'Inactive' and to execute the 'Purge Financial Table data' for the specified projects. If you do not want to delete Financial Transaction Data for the specified projects, you won't be able to delete the old OBS units; they must remain within the system until all referenced data is removed.

Reference this attached document ( for a full set of instructions. 

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