How do we create a clean UIM database

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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Some times clients need to create a new clean UIM database for their existing primary hub and ump to work with.
this KB article provides a method to accomplish this.
Our SQL server back end crashed and we do not have a good backup.
How do we create a new clean UIM database for our existing primary hub and UMP.
UIM 9.X and earlier
UMP 9.x and earlier
  • setup a new temporary server
  • run the SAME UIM version Primary hub installer as your existing installation
  • Run the SAME UMP version instraller as your existing installation
  • Test to make sure you can log in to the primary and ump.
  • Shut down the Temporary server
  • Change the data_engine connection string on your original UIM installation
  • Restart the primary hub robot service and UMP robot service

This should then be pointing to the new database and work as a clean install

  1. Sometimes it is necessary to use raw edit on the wasp probe to clear the connection = key so the new conneciton string is fetched from the data_engine.
  2. On the data_engine you may need to run the PU command admin_upgrade_primary. This will tell the data_engine that the old UIM isntance is the primary one and not the one from the temporary installation.