How do the Database Statistics, from a run of SARDBASE STATUS FULL, Differ Between View 2.0 and View 11.0?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Displays of database statistics are shown from a View 2.0 and View 11.0 database. The differences between the statistics sets are noted.


In View 2.0, the data and index were contained in the same database extents (....SARDBASE.D0000001 through ....SARDBASE.D00nnnnn), and the statistics reflected the combined totals of those multi-use extents.

In View 11.0, the data and index are contained in different database extents (....SARDBASE.D00nnnnn for the data, ....SARDBASE.I00nnnnn for the index), and the separate sets of statistics reflect those corresponding usages.


This is a sample report from a run of SARDBASE STATUS FULL in View 2.0:

STATUS FULL                                           
SARDBA09     BLOCK SIZE:                  3476         =|         
SARDBA09     TOTAL BLOCKS:           117000          |== Statistic totals for both Data and Index content
SARDBA09     TOTAL USED BLOCKS:    37261           |    
SARDBA09     PERCENT UTILIZATION:       31         =|
SARDBA09     INDEX STATISTICS:                        
SARDBA09        INDEX LEVELS:                   2         
SARDBA09        INDEX RECORDS:           2782         
SARDBA09        INDEX ALLOCATIONS:          1         
SARDBA09        INDEX BLOCKS:                195         
SARDBA09        INDEX USED BLOCKS:        127         
SARDBA09        INDEX POINTER BLOCKS:       1         
SARDBA09        INDEX DATA BLOCKS:        126         
SARDBA09        INDEX EMPTY BLOCKS:         3         
SARDBA09        CYLINDERS:                    200         
SARDBA09        BLOCKS:                     39000         
SARDBA09        USED BLOCKS:               9387         
SARDBA09        ERROR BLOCKS:                  0         


This is a sample report from a run of SARDBASE STATUS FULL in View 11.0:

SARDBA09 Status of database OMMTL.VIEW.R11

SARDBA09  Index file statistics:                      
SARDBA09     Block size:                  8906         =|         
SARDBA09     Total cylinders:              50           | 
SARDBA09     Total blocks:               4500          |== New statistic totals for Index extents 
SARDBA09     Total used blocks:         181           |             
SARDBA09     Percent utilization:           4          =|           
SARDBA09     Total levels:                      2          <=== Replaces INDEX LEVELS         
SARDBA09     Total records:               7038          <=== Replaces INDEX RECORDS         
SARDBA09     Total allocations:               2          <=== Replaces INDEX ALLOCATIONS
SARDBA09     Total pointer blocks:           1          <=== Replaces INDEX POINTER BLOCKS
SARDBA09     Total data blocks:           139          <=== Replaces INDEX DATA BLOCKS         
SARDBA09     Total empty blocks:            0          <=== Replaces INDEX EMPTY BLOCKS
SARDBA09     Total free blocks:             40         
SARDBA09     Data set OMMTL.VIEW.R11.SARDBASE.I0000001  =|
SARDBA09        Cylinders:                  50                              |         
SARDBA09        Blocks:                  4500                               |== New statistic set for Index extent         
SARDBA09        Used blocks:            181                               |             
SARDBA09        Error blocks:                0                             =|         
SARDBA09  Data file statistics:                       
SARDBA09     Block size:                    3768          =|         
SARDBA09     Total cylinders:              1400            |            
SARDBA09     Total blocks:               273000           |== New statistic totals for Data extents    
SARDBA09     Total used blocks:         47062           |     
SARDBA09     Percent utilization:             17          =|
SARDBA09     Data set OMMTL.VIEW.R11.SARDBASE.D0000001
SARDBA09        Cylinders:                    400         
SARDBA09        Blocks:                     78000         
SARDBA09        Used blocks:              11862         
SARDBA09        Error blocks:                    0   


Please see the notations in the above View 11.0 sample report regarding the new groupings of statistics for the database extents.