How do I uninstall the agents manually via a command line.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details the steps a user can take to uninstall CA Client Automation Agent components via a command line or as part of a batch file.

The below steps can be helpful when access to the agent machines is limited .



This document detail how to uninstall the CA Client automation agents manually via a command line using standard msiexec commands in conjunction with the ;CA Client Automation component codes. It provides the switches needed to uninstall without user intervention and preventing a reboot of the server upon uninstallation.



 All Supported Windows platforms

CA Client automation 12.8 , 12.9



The desired DSM agent plugin can be uninstalled using the following command:

msiexec.exe /x <Product Code> /l*v <log file path> /quiet /norestart

The following example removes the asset management agent in silent mode and writes removal information into a log file "uamuninstall.log".

Ex: msiexec.exe /x { A302890B-3180-455B-A95A-6DDFAE9F4B00} /l*v ?C:\uamuninstall.log? /quiet /norestart

Product Code
{624FA386-3A39-4EBF-9CB9-C2B484D78B29}     -    UAM
{84288555-A79E-4ABD-BA53-219C4D2CA20B}    -    URC
{62ADA55C-1B98-431F-8618-CDF3CE4CFEEC}     -    USD
{C0C44BF2–E5E0–4C02–B9D3–33C691F060EA}   -    DTS   
{501C99B9–1644–4FC2–833B–E675572F8929}    -    Basic Agent
{A312C331-2E7A-42E1-9F31-902920C402EE}      -    DMPrimer

Note: You can write a script with the individual commands to uninstall all the plugins.


Additional Information:

For a complete listing of DSM Product Codes, please refer to chapter 3  page 229,

in the CA Client Automation 12.9 Implementation guide.