How do I swap my production Teleview database with my Test database?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are two ways to swap your databases.

  1. Select the OPER application in CA-Teleview. Select # 8, Halt or Start logons. Select # 11 issue SWAPDB Command. You will come to a screen that will show you your PROD and TEST database's. Hit ENTER to swap databases. While this is going on a halt logons will take place to prevent any new logons until the database is swapped. Then a Start logons will be preformed.

  2. The second method of swapping databases is at the Operating Console you will issue the following command.


    Stepname = Where stepname is the system job name for the CA-Telview region.

    Again a Halt logons and then a Start logons will occur while this is happening to prevent logons while swapping databases.