how do I set the dirscan probe to run a profile only once a day at XX AM EST

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Last Modified Date : 13/02/2019
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i want a dirscan monitor to run once daily at 5AM EST.
How do i configure the SCHEDULE option in the probe.

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The probe currently can not take into account different time zones.
The probe will execute on a schedule based on the local clock of the system.
If the system is in EST and you want it to run at 5 am you would set it to 5:00:00.

if the system is on another time zone you would need to do a conversion from 5 AM EST to the local time for that time zone and set the values accordingly.

the format for the time will be in 24 hours format with the such as

if you check the .cfg file after creating this you will see the format such as: