How do I schedule a PCS event that will run a batch job when the threshold is triggered?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I set up CA Faqs PCS to schedule a Job when an Explore Threshold is triggered.


Step 1. Edit the threshold you have defined in Explore for VSE that you would like to have scheduled a PCS event. Put a 'Y' in the post column and the event name in the EVENT column.

 Name     Resource      Limit T C M L K P  Event
 PCPUBUSY JCLSCHED       .005 U T Y Y N Y  evtname

Step 2. Define an Event that has a when condition of EVSE.

From the PCS main menu select 'E'. Press PF4 to create a new event. Fill in the fields with the necessary information

 Event Name  ===> EVTNAME  Group Name  ===>EXPLVSE   
 Description ===> Threshold Event Hold  ===>N
 Event Cpuid ===>           ABND RC     ===>   
 Command     ===> BATCH.JCL                                       
 CSPD        ===> ____      Target Node ===>   
 Early Time  ===> 0000      Late Time  ===>    
 Abort Time  ===> 2400      XDATE OR ?  MTWTFSS   CYC
 Event Day   ===> ALL       ___  _  _  _______   ___
 Occurrences ===>         Frequency  ===>    
 When Cond.  ===> Y         Successors ===> N  
 Variables   ===> N         Data Sets  ===> N  
 Tape Reels  ===>           Cartridges ===>   
 Resources   ===> N         Excl type  ===> 

Tab down to When Cond, put a 'Y' and hit enter. On this screen fill in

            Type    Primary  
 WHEN1 ===> PROD    EVSE

Press PF3, then PF4 to save the event. If you wish to load the event press PF2.


Additional Information:

**** The FAQS/PCS library must be in the LIBDEF search ****
*****chain of the CA-Explore for VSE logger task.      ****