How do I retreive/recover an expired archive report?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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APARS RO77702 and RO80101 were created for CA Dispatch r11.7 to add a new utility (DSEXARUP/CADSARUP) that allows clients to add a deleted archive pointer entry back into the database so that you can then access the reports normally by using the Extract subtask to reprint the report or send it to online viewing. The original archived date and time will be intact on the recovered archive entry.


***Please Note****


CA Dispatch needs to be down when the utility runs and if it abends or is cancelled for any reason, you must selectively restore these specific database files.

Here is the information from the actual JCL:



//*              Batch Archive Database Update Utility                 


//*   This job adds missing or expired archive report index entries    

//*   to the CA Dispatch archive database. This utility only supports  

//*   TAPE, DASD and or SMS archive report entries.                    


//*   This utility does NOT support ICSF encrypted Archive report      

//*   entry files.                                                     


//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              

//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              

//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              

//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              

//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              

//*         ***********  I M P O R T A N T  *************              


//*   This job should only be executed under the guidance of           

//*   CA Technical Support. Failure to accurately define archive       

//*   report index entries to the archive data base will cause         

//*   unpredictable results when extracting reports from archive;      

//*   which include archive/extract screen display aborts,             

//*   and or extract task ABENDs.                                      


//*      B E F O R E  Executing this job, please                       

//*      backup target AR and ARM database files!                      


//*      1. Execute this job with CA-DISPATCH task down.               


//*      2. If the job ABENDS restore Archive files.                   


//*      This job will add Archive Report index entries to the         

//*      Archive database.                                              


//*      This job executes 2 steps;                                    



//*                     ENTRY UPDATE UTILITY.                          

//*                      INPUT   - SYSIN INPUT PARAMETER DSN           

//*                      OUTPUT  - UNLOAD (TEMP FILE)                  


//*                      INPUT   - UNLOAD (TEMP FILE)                  



//* Please pre allocate the input parameter dataset with the           

//* following DCB atributes;                                           

//*           RECFM=FB,LRECL=150,BLKSIZE=1500,DSORG=PS                 


//* Input parameter record format:                                     


//*  Record Type             Col 1  Len 1 'R' OR 'O'                   

//*                                       'R' - Primary Archive Report 

//*                                             index entry            

//*                                       'O' - Overflow Archive Report

//*                                             index entry related to 

//*                                             prior Primary Archive  

//*                                             report index entry.    

//*  Report Name             Col 2  Len 8  left  justified alphanumeric

//*  Jobname                 Col 10 Len 8  left  justified alphanumeric

//*  VOLSER                  Col 18 Len 6  left  justified alphanumeric

//*  File Seq #r             Col 24 Len 5  right justified numeric     

//*  Unit                    Col 29 Len 8  left  justified alphanumeric

//*  File Dataset Name       Col 37 Len 44 left  justified alphanumeric

//*  Recfm                   Col 81 Len 3  'VBA' or 'VBM' or 'VB '     

//*  Lrecl                   Col 84 Len 5  right justified numeric     

//*  Blksize                 Col 89 Len 5  right justified numeric     

//*  Archived prior to r11.6 Col 94 Len 1  ' ' or 'Y'; Default is ' '  


//*  The File Dataset Name is entered in column 37 thru column 80      

//*  for a length of 44 characters. Please insure that the field       

//*  contains trailing blanks if the File Dataset Name is less         

//*  than 44 characters.                                               


//*  Recfm, Lrecl and Blksize are ONLY required for recovering media   

//*  type DASD and SMS files. This information is available via        

//*  ISPF 3.2 Data Set Utility panel or 3.4 Data Set List Utility      

//*  panel option 'I'.                                                 


//*  Invalid input record field format will result in return           

//*  code 16 in the CADSARUP step. If return code 16 is encountered,   

//*  correct input field(s) and resubmit job.                          


//* SYMBOLICS:                                                         

//*  LOADLIB  = CURRENT CA-DISPATCH CADSLOAD                           

//*  SOUT     = SYSOUT CLASS                                            

//*  DSHLQ    = DSN HIGHLEVEL QUALIFIER                                



Apar RO77702 provided the initial utility and allowed clients to recover deleted reports archived after release 11.6 of CA Dispatch in the new encrypted archive data file format.

Apar RO80101 added an enhancement to the utility that allows clients to recover deleted reports that were archived prior to release 11.6 in the old un-encrypted file format.

Both of these PTF's need to be applied to your system if you are going to be running the new DSEXARUP utility.