How do I restore a corrupt comstore.enc file?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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PrevComStore.enc, comstore.enc.sav and comstore.enc.old files can be used to restore a corrupt comstore.enc.

These files are stored in the following location:

Windows - %ProgramFiles%\CA\DSM\Agent\CCNF
Linux - /opt/CA/DSM/Agent/CCNF

Check if the size of one of the above files matches (approximately) with the size of comstore.enc.

  1. Rename comstore.enc to something else.
  2. Rename the file (PrevComStore.enc or comstore.enc.sav or comstore.enc.old) that matches comstore.enc size to comstore.enc.

Recycle CAM and CAF:

caf stop
cam start
caf start