How do I rename a Role in Service Catalog?

Document ID : KB000029718
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can you rename an existing role in CA Service Catalog?

e.g. Change 'End User' to 'IT User'.


When implementing CA Service Catalog, you may wish to give the role identities names that are more applicable to your organization, in order to ease understanding for users, or to clarify the roles for managers.


Changes should be made to all Catalog/View servers in your system, for consistency.


For each locale in use by your organization:

1.   Stop the CA Service Catalog service.

2.   Edit the file


Where <icXXYY> is the locale you wish to amend; for example icusen for English, or icfrfr for French.

3.   Update the relevant tag in the <user_roles> section with the desired tag name, e.g. 

<enduser>IT User</enduser>

4. Delete the contents of the %USM_HOME\view\translets folder.

5. Restart the CA Service Catalog service.

6. Check the Service Catalog UI to ensure the role name has been changed.