How do I remove duplicated contacts from CA Service Desk Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Ideally CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) does not allow duplicate contacts to be created with the same login ID if the 'force_unique_userid' is installed under Administration Tab -> Options Manager -> Security.

If it is observed that there are any duplicate contacts within CA SDM, we recommend not to delete the contacts, but rather make them inactive. This is because the ca_contact table is a shared MDB table, so it is also used by other CA applications and also because the data in ca_contact MDB table might be referenced by other MDB tables.


How do I remove duplicated contacts from CA Service Desk Manager?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.x and 14.x

Windows, Unix and Linux


1.  Run the below query against the MDB ca_contact table to check for any duplicated contacts

SELECT userid,
COUNT(userid) AS NumOccurrences
FROM ca_contact
GROUP BY userid
HAVING ( COUNT(userid) > 1 )

The above query will list all the login IDs which have more that one instance within the MDB ca_contact table.

2.  The best approach to inactive the contacts within CA SDM would be to use the Profile Browser.

Open the Profile Browser -> Search to search for the contact using the system login ID from the query results above.  Click on each of the contacts and from the left pane, verify if anything is associated and active with that particular login ID:

  1. Information

  2. Environment

  3. Issue History

  4. Incident History

  5. Problem History

  6. Request History

  7. Change Order History

If you find nothing associated with the contact, use the 'Edit This Contact' button on the same page and make the contact inactive. This will need to done manually as this will allow cross-checking any tagged tickets, rather than doing this directly via the MDB database which may lead to data inconsistencies and corruption.