How do I re-APPLY (refresh) CA Jobtrac Job Management Usermod UM00001 ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I re-APPLY (refresh)  CA Jobtrac Job Management Usermod UM00001 ?

UM00001 is the usermod for customers that use JES2 and are using the AUTO-SCHD feature.



To manually re-APPLY Usermod  UM00001,  the SAMPJCL member HD11JES2 can be used as a model.

Make sure you are using the correct JES2 MACLIB library on this job. 

  1. Run SAMPJCL HD11JES2 job to re-APPLY the UM00001 Usermod.

  2. IPL or issue z/OS console command F jobtrac,BACK 
    This reloads our IEFUJV Exit. BACK is used to back out the internals loaded by Jobtrac. 

  3. If you do not IPL depending upon LINKLIST or STEPLIB usage (for Jobtrac and mod GJTRJES), an F LLA,REFRESH is needed prior to the re-cycle of Jobtrac.

  4. Then start Jobtrac again issue the z/OS console command S jobtrac 


This has to be done on each system to pick up the change.