How do I put vertica's spread process in debug?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The spread process is the process that controls inter-cluster communication between vertica nodes.  When there are problems with inter-cluster communication how can I put vertica's spread process into debug?

All versions of vertica

To turn on spread debug do the following:

  1. Log on to a DR node and switch to the dradmin user
  2. cd /opt/vertica/bin and launch adminTools
  3. Choose #2 to "Connect to database"
  4. Run the following queries to turn on spread logging:
    • select set_spread_options('/opt/vertica/log/spread.log', 'MEMBERSHIP PRINT CONFIGURATION GROUPS SESSION EXIT', 'ExitOnIdle = yes'); 
    • select reload_spread(true); 
  5. Run the following queries to turn off spread logging:
    • select set_spread_options('/dev/null', 'PRINT EXIT', 'ExitOnIdle = yes'); 
    • select reload_spread(true); 
Additional Information:
  • Spread debug is logged in /opt/vertica/log/spread.log
  • When you enable spread logging it is enabled on all nodes
  • Spread.log should be collected along with other diagnostic information like scrutinize, vioperf, vcpuperf, and vnetperf to determine why there might be issues with inter-cluster communication