How do I only send a single email for an alarm that is coming in every 5 minutes

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Last Modified Date : 25/05/2018
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We are getting an alarm every 5 minutes from a probe.
It is currently sending a new email message every time the alarm comes in.
How can we send an email notification only on the first alarm?
UIM 9.0 and earlier
NAS 9.0 and earlier
The alarms that the probe generates is a different process than what sends out emails.
The NAS probe has an AO profile that will send out email based on the criteria.
Most clients have multiple NAS AO profiles setup to send out messages they need to send out email notification, based on message / robots/ probes etc to different groups.

In this case I would suggest you setup an AO profile for the SSL certificate message you are getting and set the profile to email when the count is <2.

This should then only send out the email on the first occurrence of this alarm.

If you do not want other this alarm to be processed by other email profiles you will need to set the order number so this is higher than other email profiles and then also set the skip further profile checks on match.

The other option would be to update the  existing AO to some how exclude this message. However excludes can get tricky very quickly.

If you do not do the above you will might end up with duplicate emails being sent for the same alarm from two different AP profiles.