How do I obtain all prerequistes for RO78180 which is needed for Common Services for z/OS r14.1 compatibility with z/OS V2R2?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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RO78180 is the maintenance necessary for compatibility between CA Common Services release 14.1 and z/OS 2.2. This fix may require 11 prerequisites if you do not have the r14.1 S1401 service level installed.  CA SupportOnline does make it possible to obtain all prerequisite fixes in a single zip file.      

CA Common Services release 14.1 and z/OS 2.2.

RO78180 can possibly require 11 prerequisites if there is currently no maintenance applied to the CA Master component, FMID CEI0E10.  


CA Support Online does offer the capability to download all required prerequisite and co-requisite maintenance in one individual file.  Use the following procedure:

  • Logon to CA Support Online
  • Hover over 'Download Center' and click on 'Download Solution'.
  • Using the bar on the far right of the page, scroll down to 'Quick Search'. 
  • Enter the desired fix number, (in this case RO78180), in the search box.  Click 'GO'.
  • The 'Published Solutions Downloads' page appears.  
    • Click the 'Add to cart' box to the right of the fix number.  Note that the 'Add All to Cart (per page) is also checked automatically.
    • DO NOT click 'Download' at this point.  
    • Rather, click 'View Download Cart' either above or below the description of the fix.
  • The 'My Download Cart/Checkout' page appears. You'll again see a box with a description of the fix.  
    • As per the previous display, DO NOT choose 'Download'.
    • Rather verify your email address under the 'Checkout' header.
    • Click 'Checkout' to the right of your email address.
  • The 'Download Package Details' page appears.  
    • There is a description of the complete PTF package which states "all dependencies (co-reqs, pre-reqs, etc) may be requested by specifying "YES" for "Complete Package".  
    • Make sure the radio button for 'Yes' is filled in.  
    • Click 'Continue'.
  • The 'Review Download Requests' page appears.  
    • You'll see a 'zip download request' as the description.
    • When the link to the 'download options' has been processed, you will receive a choice of how you want to download the resulting zip file containing all pre and co requisite PTFs.
    • Unzip the file and apply the necessary fixes.  



Additional Information:

Although this technical document refers to a specific fix, RO78180, the same procedure can be used to download any maintenance from CA Support Online that requires pre or co-requiste fixes.

Refer to the CA Support Online Compatibilities Matrix for information on the compatibility of the CA Mainframe Products and different Mainframe Environments.

You can also refer to Technical Document TEC1483297 which describes how to find the matrix itself.  Although this document focuses on determining z/OS compatibility, it can be used to find the necessary maintenance needed for CA Mainframe Products and other OEM software such as z/OS, CICS, DB2, etc. as well as different hardware such as IBM's z12 and z13/z13s machines.