CA PPM: How do I lock a Rate Matrix?

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Last Modified Date : 24/01/2019
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How do I lock a Rate Matrix?


When an 'admin' user goes to the 'Manage Matrix' List View, any matrices that this 'admin' user has Locked will automatically become unlocked.
To Lock a Matrix, click the Matrix Name from the 'Manage Matrix' List View.
The 'Edit Rows' page will appear.
The Matrix is now in a 'Locked' state.
Now go anywhere in the application EXCEPT the 'Manage Matrix' List View.
The Matrix will remain in a 'Locked' state for all other users. If the 'admin' user goes to the 'Manage Matrix' List View at any time, then any Matrices that were locked by this user will become unlocked automatically.

A Matrix can be locked by the user from the following pages (as long as the user does not go to the 'Manage Matrix' List View after going to one of these pages):
General Information(sub page Assign Permissions)
Assign Columns
Edit Matrix Rows(sub pages Copy, Rate Increase and Test Matrix)

Log in as another user
Go to Administration, Manage Matrix
You should see that the Matrix has been locked.
Since this user did not lock the Matrix, this user can unlock the Matrix by clicking on the 'Locked Matrices' button.
This will show a page of locked matrices which the user can now unlock.

Anyone that has security permissions to Manage Matrix has the ability to unlock 'Locked' matrices.

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If you do not have permissions to manage this Rate Matrix, the matrix might be marked as a 'Private' matrix.
For details on how to unlock a Private Rate Matrix, reference the following technical article.

Additional Information:

Rights to edit matrix: Financial Maintenance - Manage Matrix