How do I list and decompile all rules for a certain type code?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have a type code, CKC, that I need to see all the rules, and to also decompile them into a PDS. How is this done?


Using the ACF command in TSO, both the LIST and the DECOMPILE can be accomplished. Enter the following:

 SET RESOURCE(CKC)                                                        

This will list all of the rules.

 DECOMP LIKE(-) INTO('MY.PDS')                            

This will decompile all the resource rules into a PDS.

If there is no dataset called MY.PDS, then CA ACF2 will allocate a PDS called MY.PDS and decompile each rule into separate members in the PDS. If you specify no member name, CA ACF2 uses the $KEY and $MEMBER values of the rule set to determine the member name. If the rule set has a $MEMBER control statement, the $MEMBER value is used as the member name. If the rule set has no $MEMBER control statement, the $KEY of the rule set is used as the member name. If the $KEY value is invalid as a member name, CA ACF2 automatically generates a member name in the format @nnnnnnn (where nnnnnnn is a numeric from 0000001 to 9999999) Also, if the quote marks are not used for the dataset name, CA ACF2 will use the issuers TSO prefix setting to decide on the high level qualifier. So if the logonid of the user is SECURITY and the user's LOGONID has DFT-PFX(SECURITY), then the PDS name would be SECURITY.MY.PDS. If the user has DFT-PFX() the dataset name would be MY.PDS.