How do I limit the number of rows returned by RC/Browse and RC/Edit?

Document ID : KB000051438
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default there is no limit to the number of rows returned by RC/Browse and RC/Edit, and so all rows are returned. How can this default be changed to limit the number of rows returned?


The Row Limit field on the RC/Browse or RC/Edit Options screens allows you to set a ceiling on the number of rows that are retrieved for your browse or edit session.

The default for this field is set to 'no limit'.

There are two ways to change this Row Limit default:

  1. Set the row limit for RC/Edit and RC/Browse using the EDROWLIM parameter in the RCEDIT PARMLIB member.
         EDROWLIM (99)            /* SELECT ROW LIMIT VALUE                  */
                                  /*    VALID VALUES ARE 1-99999999          */
                                  /*    BLANK INDICATES NO ROW LIMIT APPLIED */
  2. Set the row limit system wide by using the ROWLIMIT parameter in the DEFAULTS PARMLIB member.
         ROWLIMIT   (55)          /* SELECT ROW LIMIT TO BE APPLIED.   */
                                  /* VALID VALUES ARE 1-99999999. A    */
                                  /* BLANK INDICATES THAT NO ROW LIMIT */
                                  /* WILL BE APPLIED.                 .*/

Note: To activate the DEFAULTS PARMLIB member you will need to add the following parameter to the relevant SETUP(xx) PARMLIB member as below:

DEFAULTS (YES) <== add the DEFAULTS parameter

The DEFAULTS PARMLIB member settings will override the RCEDIT PARMLIB member settings.