How do I know if all the machines in my Environment have a CA Client Automation agent ?

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CA Client Automation is a Server-Agent based tool, because of this all the machines in your environment need an agent to be able to support them.


How do I know if all the machines in my Environment have a CA Client Automation agent ?

CA Client Automation - All Versions

In older version of CA Client Automation the best way to make sure all your machines had agents,

was thru CCS Continuous Discovery and Continuous Deployment, but that is being phased out.


The methods we recommend are the following:

Infrastructure Deployment:

This tool allows you to scan your environment and look for machines that don't have an Agent.

 You can scan your Environment using a few different methods:

  •    Deploy to All Computers in a Specific Domain
  •    Deploy to Computers in a Directory
  •    Deploy to Computers within an IPv4 Address Range

Then you can export the results and compare to the list of machines already in DSM Explorer.

This method also gives you the benefit of being able to send an agent to machines without one.



dmsweep packages

This command will give you a list of the CA Client Automation packages and a numeric value

that represents that package.

Below is an example of the a scan showing:

Package 19:  Full R14sp1 Agent ENU  

Package 20:  Full R14sp1 Agent NLS



dmsweep scan /ip=<first ip> /toip=<last ip> /packagenum <package number from above>


In the Example above:

Machine and have an agent, but a version lower than the Packagenum.

Machine and have no agent.


Manual Method

Another method is to get a List of Machines in your Environment and compare that to the machines in DSM Explorer.

Here are a couple of ways of getting a List of all the Machines in your Environment.


Active Directory  - Active Directory should have a list of All Computers in your Environment


Antivirus List  -    In most cases every machine in your environment will have a Antivirus agent

                              and most Antivirus software will allow you to export a list of all machines that

                              have the software installed.