How do I install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 utility programs onto a user workstation?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can choose to install the following Unicenter Asset Portfolio Manager (UAPM) Utility programs on a user's workstation. This is useful in situations where the user does not have access to the UAPM Server, but needs the ability to run the Import Tool, APM Utility, Data Warehouse, Database Utility, or the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility.  UAPM 11.3.4 does not support installing the utilities onto a Windows 7 or higher workstation. 


Follow these steps to install the Unicenter Asset Portfolio Manager 11.3.4 Tools and Utilities onto a Windows XP Pro SP2 workstation: 

1.  From the UAPM installation DVD image run LAUNCHPE.EXE

2.  Select "Install Products"

3.  Select "Install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management"

4.  You will be prompted for a series of prerequisites. Answer YES to each:
         a.  Install .NET 1.1 Framework? 
         b.  Verify that .NET 1.1 SP1 Framework is installed 
         c.  Verify that .NET 1.1 SP1 Hotfix KB886903 is installed
         d.  Verify that Windows Scripting Host for Windows 2000+XP is installed
         e.  Verify that Windows Installer 3.1v2 is installed
         f.  Verify that .NET 2.0 Framework is installed
         g.  Verify that J# Redistributable 2.0 is installed

5.  When prompted to reboot, perform the reboot. 

6.  The installation will continue after reboot.  Answer YES to the following: 
        a.  Install .NET 1.1 Framework 
        b.  Verify that Windows Installer 3.1v2 is installed

7.  Select CUSTOM INSTALL and select the following items to install:
        a.  Configurator (this is selected and cannot be deselected)
        b.  Cache Service (this is also selected and cannot be deselected)
        c.  Management Console
        d.  Management Tools

8.  When prompted, enter the name of the server hosting your MDB database.

9.  When prompted, enter the uapmadmin database password.

10. Do NOT run DB Utility when prompted.

11. When prompted to restart the computer, answer YES to restart now.

12. If your database is SQL Server, then you must install the SQL Server Client Tools onto this workstation.

To install the SQL Server Client Tools:

1.  Run the SQL Server installation program from Disc 1 of the SQL Server 2005 installation media  (setup.exe)
     Note:  do NOT select "Run the SQL Native Client Installation Wizard". This will not install the Client Tools.

2.  Select to 'Install SQL Server'.

3.  On the 'Components to Install' dialog, select the option 'Workstation tools, Books Online and development tools', then click on the Advanced tab at the bottom.

4.  Under the Client Components node, select the client tools which you want to install and proceed.

5.  You will not have to reboot after installing the SQL Server Client Tools.


The new UAPM Tools and Utilities will be available from the Start Menu under CA, Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management.