How do i get email to work with Spectrum Report Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When I try to send an email from SRM, I get the following error:

"address error. [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]: [] "


How do i get email to work with Spectrum Report Manager?

Cabi 4.1 SP3 with Spectrum

To send email with cabi 4.1.3, we need to do add the email destination on 3 CABI servers: 

Adaptive job server, Destination job server, Crystal reports job server. 

Please run the following steps for all 3 servers.


1. Login to Central Management Console as Administrator. 

2. Click on Servers under Organize section. 

3. In the List of Servers, right click on Crystal Reports Job Server with the name servername.CrystalReportsJobServer and select Properties. 

4. In the properties of Crystal Reports Job Server, go to Destinations tab. 

5. From the list of destination names, click on Email. 

6. Enter the information for the following fields 

- Domain Name: Name of the domain in which the mail server is present. 

- Host: SMTP server name. 

- Port: Port number for SMTP server to send out emails. 

- Authentication: None if no authentication is required. 

- Username: Only if SMTP server requires authentication. 

- Password: Password of the SMTP username. 

- From: Email address to be used to send out emails. 

7. Other options like TO, CC, Subject is optional as they can also be specified on a specific report. 

8. Click on Save. 

9. Right Click the Job server and select restart, so that the changes are picked up by the Job server. 


FYI the name of the job server in cabi 4.1 is different than cabi 3.2 

In 4.1 we do not have the servername.CrystalReportsJobServer but the servername.AdaptiveJobServer. 

So specify the destination on the AdaptiveJobServer then restart the server.


After all 3 have been done, please verify if the email has been sent. 

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