How do I force a STARTED TASK (STC) to use a LOGONID that is different to its procedure name.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are attempting to convert a region from a batch job to a started task. We got that going fine, except that the started task needs to submit 2 batch jobs (its journal and log), but CA-ACF2 failed the jobs because they tried to run under an STC LOGONID. So we set up the GSO STC record to be able to do this. Originally we had created a LOGONID of ZIDJCV94, took off the STC bit from the LOGONID record and added it to the GSO STC record.


(Note: If the LOGONID is the same as the STARTED task ID you do not need the STC attribute on the LOGONID record and it can be inherited by batch jobs).

We were able to start the region up as a started task and everything was cool -or- so we thought. It turns out that when the STC dynamically builds and submits to the JES2 reader batch jobs, it inherits the owner id, ZIDJCV94, in this case. We need the inherited LOGONID to be ID94, so we changed the STC GSO record to look like this:

CHANGE STC.ZIDJCV94 LOGONID(ID94) STCID(ZIDJCV94) - now the STC won't even start as CA-ACF2 gives us this error:

ACF01031 LOGONID ZIDJCV94 does not have the STC attribute...

How can we get this to work?


The problem is that you have a LOGONID defined for ZIDJCV94 (The STCID). The way the CA-ACF2 code works, you need to either add the STC privilege bit to the ZIDJCV94 LOGONID, or delete the ZIDJCV94 LOGONID. Then the ID94 LOGONID will be able to be defined without the STC attribute and can be used for both the STC, and the submitted batch jobs.