How do I find the form names that use particular field values?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to develop form definitions, you may need to find which forms are using a particular data set or other value, for instance if you need to globally change that set. This can be found with a database query.


Is there a way to search the form field data values and get the form names returned, for example to find report data object references?


For an example string of "searching", you can query the MDB database to get all the forms that include it, along with the relevant fields.

select b.form_entity_name as form, e.form_entity_name as field, a.attr_value as value
from usm_form_component_attributes a, usm_form_entities e, usm_form_entities b
where e.form_entity_id =  a.form_comp_id
and b.form_entity_id = e.form_entity_parent_id
and a.attr_value like '%searching%'
and b.form_entity_type = 2

Additional Information:

While searching the database can be useful, you should not make direct updates there; it can cause problems with cacheing and is risky in case of error.