how do I find all the machine with failed MCS profiles?

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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2019
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How can I find all the hosts with profiles in error status, where the Monitoring tab in USM shows a red cross?
UIM 8.51 9.02
This query will return the name of the device that have profiles with the red cross:

select name from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where cs_id IN (select cs_id from SSRV2profile where status = 'error')
Additional Information:
The following query will also find "problematic" profiles and will also provide the latest MCS audit trail message for these profiles in the outputs generated:

SELECT, b.cs_id, b.status, b.profileid, b.ancestorprofile,, a.timestamp, a.objectname, a.objectvalue, a.action
FROM SSRV2AuditTrail a
JOIN SSRV2Profile b
ON a.objectid = b.profileId
JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(id) AS id FROM SSRV2AuditTrail GROUP BY objectid) c
ON = AND a.objectid = c.objectid
ON b.cs_id = ccs.cs_id
WHERE b.status NOT IN ('ok', 'new', 'suspended')
ORDER BY name;