How do I extract Endevor footprints from remote libraries (where Endevor does not reside)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to run the remote footprint job, BC1JFEXT on a remote LPAR to where Endevor outputs have been shipped?



  1. Copy the Endevor .AUTHLIB (hlq.iprfx.CSIQAUTH) and .CONLIB (hlq.iprfx.CSIQLOAD) libraries to the remote. It is not necessary to APF authorize theses libraries.

  2. Create a minimal C1DEFLTS containing at least one dummy environment, preferably with the same environment name from which the elements were shipped. Do not specify ACMROOT and ACMXREF files, and set ASCM=N. It is not necessary to allocate the MCF for the dummy environment. Assemble and link into the STEPLIB.

  3. Copy BC1JFEXT from the JCLLIB (hlq.iprxf.CSIQJCL) on the host to a library of your choosing on the remote.

  4. Following the directions within BC1JFEXT, run a separate job against each remote library whose footprints you wish to verify.

  5. Use any data transmission facility to transmit the footprint extract file(s) created by BC1JFEXT from the remote to the host.

  6. Run CONRPT83 the Footprint Exception Report on the host, using the transmitted extract file as input.


Additional Information:

Refer to the Endevor SCM Footprints Guide for more information.