How do I expand the size of the CA Sysview for DB2 for z/OS VSAM Linear history files?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I need to expand the size of my CA Sysview for DB2 for z/OS VSAM Linear History files, how can I achieve this?


Run an IDCAMS Define job to create larger Linear VSAM history files.

While the Data Collector (DC) started task is running, run the .SOURCE IDB2UNLD job that calls the IDB2IUFI program.  This will unload the existing history file(s) creating an SMF file.

Finally, run the IDB2IUFI program modifying the parms to load the SMF file back into the newly created history files. 


//UNLOAD       EXEC  PGM=IDB2UIFI,REGION=5M,                        
//                          PARM=('/REQ=UNLDHIST,DBSUB=&DBSUB,DBLOC=&DBLOC,',
//                          'REMPOS=&REMEMBR,TESTV=&TESTVER,',              
//                           'UNLD=&UNLOAD,UNLTYP=&UNLDTYP,UNLCHD=&UNLDCHD') 

//                      PARM=('/REQ=LOADHIST,DBSUB=xxxx,DBLOC=xxxxxxxx,',
//                      'REMPOS=YES,CMP=YES')