How do I exclude Databases which are in offline state using Infrastructure manager

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Last Modified Date : 26/11/2018
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At times different databases will be taken offline and need to be removed from monitoring so they do not alarm. A common example is excluding a database from monitoring without disabling the entire instance while the database is being migrated elsewhere. You can use excludes to remove monitoring from the target object until the work is done.



The following are needed to under take this task

  1. Access to Infrastructure Manager
  2. Infrastructure Manager is installed
  3. You know which robot has the probe that is monitoring the target
  4. Basic Unified Infrastructure Management probe GUI knowledge
  5. You have reviewed the steps on how to login to the appropriate UIM environment
  6. Knowledge of how to use regular expressions
  7. You have reviewed and understand the Infrastructure Manager (IM) documentation for the sqlserver probe

Follow the steps to exclude a database from monitoring

  1. Launch and login to Infrastructure Manager
  2. Locate the robot with the monitoring probe
  3. Open the probe GUI in this case double click the sqlserver probe
  4. Go to the Templates tab
  5. Identify the checkpoint that you want to apply the exclude to in this case database_state
  6. Double click the checkpoint database_state
  7. Select the check box for Excludes
  8. Select the arrow > next to the Excludes List
  9. Right click the white space and select New
  10. Enter a regular expression of the database you do not want to monitor the state of. Typically if your database name is "CA_UIM" you would enter
  1. Click OK
  2. Click OK and acknowledge that you are changing the template
  3. Click OK and Yes to restart the probe
If the configuration is successful you will see the following in a L5 log on the probe
sqlserver: Profile: 2104/database_state,: check excludes [1] for CA_UIM 
sqlserver: Profile: 2104/database_state,: object CA_UIM excluded used ^CA_UIM$ 

Additional Information:
NOTE: When you change a template it modifies the monitoring for all the database instances so be careful otherwise you will remove monitoring for something that you do not wish. If this is a concern review the product documentation on using static checkpoints

NOTE: While this article focuses on excluding a database from monitoring this can be applied to many other checkpoint types as well.