How do I edit the ETOA or ATOE Tables (UNIX)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I edit the ETOA or ATOE Tables (UNIX)?


Directions for editing the ETOA or ATOE Tables (UNIX).

For the ETOA table:
  • Make a copy of the file - i.e.
    • located in /opt/CA/XCOM/convtab
      • For HP-UX /opt/CA/XCOM/convtab
  • Customize the
    • Take the value of character you want to translate and convert it to decimal.
    • Add 1 to the value. This is the line number in the table where you will make the change.
    • edit the by changing the yy portion of the 0xyy value on the specific line to the new Hex value
    • refer to the CODE TRANSLATION TABLE on the IBM SYSTEM/370 Reference Summary (a.k.a. YELLOW CARD) for the Decimal or Hex representation of the EBCDIC or ASCII character
    • save the changes


  • Edit the xcom.glb
    • change ETOA_FILENAME/opt/CA/XCOM/convtab/
      • For HP-UX system: /opt/CA/XCOM/convtab/
  • Stop and Start xcomd, to incorporate the changes
For the ATOE table:
The Process to change the ATOE tables is similar. You would be referencing the or ATOE_FILENAME=, and you will to need to search for the reciprocal EBCDIC character value instead.