How do I delete the HostUUID key on any version of UNIX, Linux or AIX

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The hostuuid is a randomly generated field that is the basis for all of CA Client Automation.  In CA Client Automation there can be duplicate agents names, but as long as the hostuuid is different, Client Automation will see them as different machines. For troubleshooting purposes the hostuuid sometimes needs to be deleted. 



How do I delete the HostUUID key on a Unix, Linux or AIX agent ?



CA Client Automation - All Version

All version of UNIX, Linux and AIX



  • Login to the Agent box using root.

  • Stop the CAF service using 'CAF STOP'. Ensure that CAF is stopped using 'CAF STATUS'

  • Delete the file '/etc/cadmuuid'

  • Start CAF using 'CAF START'


When starting CAF a new hostuuid will e created for this machine.

Note: If the machine has already registered with the Domain Manager, the old entry will have to be deleted since the system will see new hostuuid as a different machine, even if the name and all other information is the same.