How do I decompile or delete a resource rule that has a "-" character at the end of a rule key, as in $KEY(ABC-)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If I try to decompile, list, or delete resource rules that end with a "-" without using the LIKE option, I get message:

Note: When you specify a "-" in a resource key, the $KEY value, the "-" it is treated as a literal not as a masking character.

When in resource rule mode (SET RESOURCE(xxx) was issued), the syntax for decompiling, listing, or deleting is:
LIST rulekey
DECOMP rulekey
DELETE rulekey

where "rulekey" is the desired $KEY value of the rule.

When you specify a "-" at the end of the rulekey without using the LIKE(?) operand, the ACF command processor is treating that "-" as a continuation, so you would need to hittwice. If the rulekey was specified as ABC- and there is no ABC rule, then you will get the ACF04005 message. If a rule ABC did exist, then that rule would be displayed (or deleted).



CA-ACF2 resource rules that have a "-" at the end of a rule key name can be decompiled (listed or deleted) if you specify the rule key in quotes.
For example:


    or LIST 'ABC-

This resource rule can be deleted if you specify the rule key in quotes.
For example:


Consult the CA-ACF2 Administrator Guide for additional information related to resource rules.