How do I create a Software Deployment Job from the command line

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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Is there a way to create a software job from the command line without using the DSM Explorer?
All versions of CA Client Automation
Software Jobs can be created using the 'cadsmcmd install' command.

Example 1 - Computer:
Package Details
name = hello
version = 6.0
Source = file hello.bat
procedure = hello 

Target Computer to deploy on - HostABC

The command to install the package will be:
cadsmcmd install item="hello" version="6.0" procedure="hello" computer="HostABC" cname="testhello" after="exacttime"

Example 2 - Computer Group
Package Details
name = ALPS
version = 1.0
Source = folder ALPS
procedure = Setup.exe

Target Computer Group to deploy on - Alaska Terminals

The command to install the package will be:
cadsmcmd install item="ALPS" version=1 procedure="Setup.exe" compgrp="Alaska Terminals" after=exacttime jobtimeout=2.0 jcpriority=1 reinstall=y

** Important Note: The 'cadsmcmd' command can be executed only on the Domain Manager or a remote machine installed with the DSM Explorer.

For more information on the parameters that can be used with cadsmcmd, please refer the following link:
Additional Information:
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