How do I create a query to list machines in a specific IP range?

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Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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How do I create a query to list machines in a specific IP range?

All versions of CA Client Automation.

The following IP range will be used to demonstrate the steps required: -


  1. Create a new query by right-clicking Queries and selecting 'New'. 

    Figure 1
  2. Double click on 'Computers'. 

    Figure 2
  3. In the Query Designer window, select Inventory-Discovered Inventory. Expand Inventory-General Inventory-Network-IP Address.

    Figure 3
  4. In the operator pull-down at bottom, change the '=' symbol to 'LIKE'. 
  5. Enter the first value which in this case would be 

    Figure 4
  6. Click 'OK' and 'Yes' to the Add inventory prompt.

    Note: Ignore the warning message each time; it is ok that no Boolean identifier is being used for these items.

    Figure 5
  7. Click 'OR' under the 'Boolean Operators' section and then browse again to Inventory-Discovered Inventory, etc.
  8. Add the next value for the argument. We have only accounted for '.29' at this point and we still need to account for .30 through .120. We can do this by repeating the process for the above line; where we pasted in, and replace the previous value with the following:

    192.168.1.[ 3-9][0-9] - This searches .30 to .99[0-1 ][ 0-9] - This searches .100 to .119 - This accounts for .120

    Figure 6