How do I configure the ODBC connections for installing the ITCM Universe for CABI?

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Last Modified Date : 16/07/2018
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Before you can install the ITCM Universe for CABI, you need to manually configure the ODBC connections to the ITCM MDB.


To correctly set your ODBC Connections to the ITCM MDB, follow the steps below on the server where you have installed CABI.

  1. Open the 32 bit Data Source (ODBC).

    Please note if using a 64 bit OS, you will also have a 64 bit ODBC, please make sure that you only set the 32 bit Data Source (ODBC).

    This gets installed as part of the general CABI installation, and you can easily locate it by going to "Start -> All Programs -> BusinessObjects XI 3.1 -> BusinessObjects Enterprise -> 32-bit Data Source (ODBC)".

    Figure 1
  2. Once you open the ODBC window, click on the "System DSN" tab as shown below, then click "Add" to create a new "Data Source Name" (DSN).

    Figure 2
  3. Once you click "Add" a new window will pop up, scroll to the bottom and select "SQL Server" as the driver type as shown below, then click Finish.

    Figure 3
  4. The next window will prompt you for the Data Source Name, Description (optional), and the Server name of the MDB. You should name the data source, "CA_ITCM" and provide the server name of your database server for your mdb. Then click next.

    Figure 4
  5. The next screen you will setup authentication. You should choose SQL Server authentication, and use the ca_itrm account. The default password for the ca_itrm account for a new ITCM installation is NOT_changedR11. See TEC420826 for details on how to change this password if you have forgotten it.

    Figure 5
  6. When you click next, it will try to authenticate and connect to your SQL Server mdb, if it's successful, it will just move you to the next screen, if it fails, you will see an error message stating why it failed.
  7. Next, you must select the "Default database" that the ODBC will connect to.

    By default the checkbox will be unchecked and the ODBC connection will use the 'master' database as seen below.

    Figure 6

    This needs to be changed to 'mdb', by clicking the checkbox and using the drop down menu to select 'mdb', then click next.

    Figure 7
  8. The next screen's default values can be left as is, click Finish...

    Figure 8
  9. This will create another pop up window with a summary of your settings, use the "Test Data Source..." button on the bottom to test your connection, then click ok.

    Figure 9

    Figure 10
  10. When you are finished you should now see "CA_ITCM" in the list of System DSN's as shown below.

    Figure 11

    **Please Note: Before installing the ITCM Universe, please make sure you download the Microsoft ODBC .NET Data Provider which can be downloaded from the URL below
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