How do I clear the CAM queue?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes there may be a need to clear the CAM queue if CA Client Automation seems hung. The procedure below outlines the commands that can be used to clear the CAM queue.


All versions of CA Client Automation


1.    Shut down CAF using 'CAF STOP'.

Run 'CAF KILL ALL' and then run 'CAF STATUS" to ensure CAF is stopped completely.

2.    Set the 'CA Unicenter Message Queuing Server' service to 'Disabled 'in Services Control Panel or run ‘cam change disabled’. This is to prevent CAM from restarting automatically

3.    Run 'CAMCLOSE' to stop the CAM service. 

4.    Rename 'C:\Program Files\CA\DSM\Appdata\CFNOTSRVD.DAT' to something else.

     Note: This step is only applicable to the Domain Manager as CFNOTSRVD.DAT is present only on the Domain Manager

5.    Set the 'CA Message Queuing Server' service back to 'Automatic' or run ‘cam change auto’

6.    Run the following command to start CAM: 

'CAM START -c -l'

7.    Start CAF using 'CAF START'.

8.    Check if CFNOTSRVD.DAT is created again.