How do I clear an alarm that is not user clearable?

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Last Modified Date : 06/02/2019
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We have a fault isolation alarm on the fault isolation model, caused by a deleted model.

"Critical","Nov 2, 2017 3:14:53 AM EDT","Fault Isolation","","","FaultIsolation","Yes", "UNRESOLVED FAULT DETECTED","xxxxx (0xx00000)","FaultIsolation"

We cannot clear it manually and restarting the SpectroSERVER has no effect.



Any version of Spectrum.

The fault isolation alarm is not user clearable, so this cannot be cleared manually.

It is also persistent, so restarting the SpectroSERVER does not remove it.



1. Find the model handle where the alarm is.  

2. What is the clear event for the event you wish to clear?

3. Send the clear event via CLI, to the model, holding the alarm.


1. If this is on the fault isolation model, this can be found via a locator search on:

            application models -> filter by "fault isolation"

In the component detail window, from the attributes tab, we can obtain the model_handle of this model.


2. Searching the alarm title "UNRESOLVED FAULT DETECTED" in ECE, we find 0x10d05, with a cause code of 0x10703.

We find the clear event for this, from a bash shell.


 grep -r 10703 .

./Cabletron/EventDisp:0x00010d32 E 50 C 0x00010703,2

./Cabletron/EventDisp:0x00010d33 E 50 C 0x00010703,A


3. From CLI, we send the clear event to the model.

create event type=0x10d32 text="Fault Isolation alarm was cleared"   mh=0xXXXXX

Additional Information:

The steps in this docs can be used to clear any alarm, by substituting the clear alarm, and the model handle.

This should only be done when absolutely necessary, as Spectrum used valid alarms to run Fault Intelligence calculations.