How do I change size and number of SMPS logs ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When configuring the Policy Server in SSO or Secure Cloud, one of the parameters to decide is the logging.

The Policy Server allows to control the size and the number of policy server logs, stored in the server

This document explains how to set it up


In order to change the size and the rotation options of the smps logs, you need to access the smconsole in the Policy Server component.

To do this, perform the following options

  • Since the smconsole is a graphical application, make sure you can launch X11 applications from your policy server in your local environment. You can use for instance Xming if you are running in Windows. Allow remote connections to your XServer so that the graphical console may be started
  • In the policy server, direct you X11 traffic to your local XServer. For instance, if my local server is, and my policy server is, I would start the X11 server (Xming or similar) in, and in I would do export DISPLAY=
  • Next it is necessary to source the environment variables required to launch the smconsole. To do this do the following in your Policy Server:

cd /opt/CA/siteminder

. ca_ps_env.ksh

You can verify that it has been correctly sourced because doing

env | grep NETE

You should be able to see the siteminder variables. For instance:


  • You can now start the smconsole

cd /opt/CA/siteminder/bin


  • In the smconsole GUI you can choose in the logs tab, the size, name and frequency of the smps log rotation


Rotation may be specified according to size or time. The console also offers us the possibility of changing the log location or name