How do I catalog a JCL member into a PDS?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This utility is useful when JCL is stored in ICCF or Vollie and the user wants to move a copy of it to a PDS for testing. It eliminates the need to copy and paste the JCL.


The JCLMAINT utility is used to catalog JCL in to a PDS member. Please refer to the CA FAQS PCS Operation Guide chapter 11 for more information.


  • This JCL will catalog a sort job into A PDS called STG.
     * $$ JOB JNM=JCLMAINT,CLASS=0,DISP=D * $$ LST CLASS=V,DISP=D                // JOB JCLMAINT                        // LIBDEF *,SEARCH=CAI6.FAQS50         // EXEC PROC=JCLMAINT                  ./ ADD STG:SORTJCL.JCL                  * DD JOB JNM=SORTJCL,CLASS=0,DISP=K               * DD LST CLASS=A,DISP=D                // JOB DIRLIST                                 // DLBL SORTIN1,'SORT.FILE'            // DLBL SORTOUT,'SORTOUT.FILE'            // DLBL SORTWK1,'SORT.WORK.SPACE',,,BLKSZ=OPT  // EXEC SORT,SIZE=256K                            SORT FIELDS=(1,4,CH,A),WORK=1                  OPTION STORAGE=64K                             RECORD TYPE=F,LENGTH=14000                     END                                         /*        /&        * DD EOJ ./ END            /*                /&                * $$ EOJ JCLMAINT