How do I bring up a new version of 14.5 Panvalet Subsytem and stop the old version without doing a IPL?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I've just installed version 14.5 Panvalet Subsystem and would like to remove version 14.4 without doing an IPL.


Familiarize yourself with Chapter 3 in the AllFusion CA-Panvalet 14.5 Getting Started Guide in the Subsystem activation.

  1. Apply Subsystem fix QO65554, if not on already.

  2. Add two LPA modules dynamically, PSDFI145 and PSKMD145.

  3. Add the 14.5 CAILIB to the Linklist ahead of or in place of the 14.4 CAILIB.

  4. Change the PANSYS00 member or create a different one, where the version will be 14.5A. You can also create a new PANSYS01 member that can be 14.5 versions.

  5. Create two JCL Procedures, to STOP 14.4, and start 14.5, these are the PSQUIT and PSINITJCL procs see Chapter 3, PSINIT described on page 3-16, IEFPARM DD does not work, need to create a PANSYSXX member and must be in SYS1.PARMLIB.

Pick a down time to stop with PSQUIT the 14.4 PANV Subsystem and then start the 14.5 PANV Subsystem with PSINIT.

Appropriate messages will be displayed to indicate if 14.4 was stopped successfully and if 14.5 was started successfully.

If you're using CARIM CA90s CAS9, then start S CAS9.

If you're using the INIT program which is PSINIT, S PSINIT do not use both only one or the other.

Another way to start the Panvalet Subsystem is using CAIRIM.

To use CAIRIM to start an active version of the subsystem, the JCL to execute CAIRIM must include:

STEPLIB to the 14.5 CAILIB (and all libraries in the concatenation must be APF authorized).

IEFPARM DD statement referencing the PDS containing the PANSYSxx member. PARMLIB DD statement referencing the PDS/member containing the CAIRIM parameters.


The 00 in this PARM must match the suffix for the PANSYS member. In this case, PANSYS00 is being used.