How do I attach a Calendar to Software Delivery Job or group

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Description: This document will detail the steps for associating a calendar to a Software Delivery job and or group.


Right click on default Computer Policy under Configuration in the DSM Explorer and select unseal

Drill down into Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/Default Computer Policy/DSM/Common Components/Calendars



Click on Calendars and that launches the DSM Calendars screen


 Open the Calendar Ranges tab and  Click New and then  name the range


Define the Type, Date, Date from, Date to, Time Ranges, and Status  as needed then click check to see if there are errors if not click ok.

Below screenshot shows a calendar range defined for All Wednesday's to run between 11am to 1 PM 

In setting this Range it would cause jobs to go active but not run until Wednesday between 11-1pm.

This Feature may assist you in limiting when software jobs are sent to agents, for example only on weekends or specific date periods.  



Navigate to the Calender Tab and you will see the Calendar range you defined 



Click on New and Name the Calendar EG  weds and make sure to associate the Calender Range to the Calendar to avoid errors.


Click Apply then ok to exit this screen

Then seal the Default DSM Policy and make sure it gets delivered to all Domain Manager's and Scalability Server's

Right click and select Seal Policy


There are two ways to Attach a Calendar to a Job

Job Execution Calendar

You can attach a job execution calendar to a specific computer, computer group, All Computers, or User Profiles.
The calendar is attached by right-clicking the computer or group icon, and selecting Software Jobs, Job execution calendar, Attach.
It can later be detached in a similar manner. The software job then follows the parameters defined in the DSM Calendar to execute the job deployment.



Job Delivery Calendar

You can also use a job delivery calendar while deploying software jobs.
On the Job Options tab, you can specify whether you want to use a job delivery calendar for each job.
The role of this calendar is to control job deliveries using Data Transport Service.

The DSM Calendar must meet the following criteria to be active at any given time of the day:

? It should contain at least one Included range for the particular time of the day.
? It should not contain any Excluded range for that specific time of the day.  
    If the calendar contains an Excluded range for that particular time of the day, the calendar will not be active for that specific duration

When you submit a Software Job make sure you select to go to advanced job settings



Then in the Job Options tab select the Calendar to attach