How do I add the Group column to the Request List form for purposes of "Edit-In-List"?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I would like to add the Group field as an entry to which I may be able to "Edit In List" on the call request list form.  How do I add the Group column to the Request List form / webpage?


  1. Go into WSP

  2. Open/Edit the list_cr.htmpl form (for Requests). 

    To add the "Group" Column:

  3. On the bottom of the page, in the blue list field, right click on "Projected Violation", and choose "Insert Column".

  4. A new column with "Label" will appear between columns "Assigned To" and "Projected Violation"

  5. Right click on the new column on the "Label" text and choose Properties.

  6. Set all attributes as seen here.  Close the dialog box when done to save the changes:

  7. Choose the "Source" tab on the bottom of the form.

  8. Below the lines for "<pdm_jscript file=list_edit.js>", include the entry: "listEditField("group");" to add this field as one to use in "Edit In List"

  9. Save, then publish the form.

The list request display will show the group column added and you can also use Edit In List to manipulate the group field.

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