How CPU and Memory Utilization (Thresholds ) are calculated on the Performance Tab in the Oneclick.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The value shown for CPU and memory usage  on the performance tab in OneClick does not reflect the real time values of these devices. 

How is this calculated?



Typically vendors may supply various  values for CPU and memory usage and Spectrum will use one of them to plot the graph on the performance tab. 

e.g. Juniper provides the following information how to monitor CPU utilization (in percentage) on the firewall via SNMP.


To monitor CPU utilization (in percentage), the following OIDs can be used: 

. Average System CPU utilization in percentage. 

. Last one minute CPU utilization in percentage. 

. Last Five minute CPU utilization in percentage. 

. Last Fifteen minute CPU utilization in percentage.


In the this situation Spectrum has 4 different values to choose from, as can be seen from the attributes tab below.  We can filter by CPU or use the above OIDs if the OID prefix column is visible.   The vendor attributes begin with NsResCPU and the internal CA normalised attributes begin with NRM_CPU.

The NRM_CPUIntelPref shows a value of redirection. 

NRM_CPUUtilAttr showed a value of 0x49b0147 corresponding to NsResCpuLast5Min so the value displayed by Spectrum is the average value over 5 minutes.



Machine generated alternative text: Component Detail: 5im221 11 :MCACFW0001 of type NScreenSSG55OInformation Host ConFiguration Root Cause Interfaces Performance Neighbors Alarms Events Attributes Path ViewZ S Ishow j CPUI Displaying 22 of 1,727 1  ÇÇ Ishow ..z.I I DispName “ ¡ID ¡Type ¡OID Prefix Name Ivalue IJRM_CPuModelTypeToRead Oxl2e2c Model Type Handle NRM_CPUIntelPreÍ Attribute Redirection (2)‘IRM_CPURunningAttributeslds 0x12e29 Attr ID[) NRM_CPUUtilAttr 0x49b0147‘JRM_CPuRunninglntellD 0x1 2e28 Enumeration NRM_DeviceCPUUtilization‘iRMCPURunningModelHandles Oxl2e2a Model Handle[J nsResCpuLastl 5Mm 2‘JRM_CPUUtilAttr Oxl2e2d Attr ID nsResCpuLast 1 Min 2JRM_CPUUtilNameAttr Oxl2e2e Attr ID nsResCpuLast5Min 2JRM_DeviceCPUUtilization Oxl2aaa kteger[] nsResCpuAvg 1sJRM_DeviceCPUUtilizationDuration Oxl2bce Integer‘JRM_DeviceCPUUtilization_Reset Ox l2abb IntegerlRM_DeviceCPUUtilization_Threshold Oxl2ab9 IntegerlRM_DeviceCPUUtilizationNames Oxl2e2f Text String[]isResCpuAvg 0x49b0 145 Integer,sResCpuLastl5Min 0x49b0148 Integer 0x49b0146 Integer .4.1.322...risResCpuLast5Min 0x49b0147 Integer J1.3.6. Ox49bO4d2 Integer[] Ox49bO4d 1 Integer[],sResModCpuLastl5Min 0x49b04d5 Integer[J 1 Min 0x49b04d3 Integer[] 0x49b04d4 Integer[] zFlags: mL.: -nu r L I E! ti J J Instance ID r



 Can we change this value?


To change the value displayed by Spectrum, we can double click on NRM_CPUUtilAttr and it to point to another attribute value.

e.g changing the value of  NRM_CPUUtilAttr to 0x49b0146 will display the CPU usage over the last minute.


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