How come when I delete software from an Agent, Discovered Software is still finding the software ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How come when I delete software from an Agent, discovered software is still finding it ?



CA Client Automation - All Versions



CA Client Automation by default uses Signature Scan to find software.

CA has created a signature, including the Software and version, for each piece of Software CA can find.

Most of the time the signature is based of registry entries that the software creates when it gets installed.

Sometimes when the software is uninstalled, it does not remove those registry entries, so CA software scan, still thinks the software is installed.


You can either scan the registry for that software or examine the WO file, which is located in the ca\dsm\agent\units\00000001\uam folder

and see if you can tell how or what the signature files is looking for.


If that fails you can always create a ticket and between Support and the Content Team, which creates the signatures, so can check to see if that data,

that the signature is looking for has been deleted. 


Additional Information:                         

You might also check the following :


  • Last Update Date for the Agent in DSM Explorer - All Computers    -  Is the agent getting updated ?
  • The amsoft.xml from  ca\dsm\agent\units\00000001\uam\bak       -  Is the software scan updating the Software Inventory file  ?
  • The ca\dsm\serverdb\sector\collect\00000001 folder on the SS      -  Is the Inventory from agent being collected and sent to the DM ?
  • The Collect Engines on the Domain Manager                                 -  Are they collecting everyday ?