How check if the FILES is the correct database which is used durign teh archive / backup ?

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Last Modified Date : 19/12/2018
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How it is possible to check if the FILES used is the correct one ? If it is a FDB or FDS ? 


The ADSDC650 control table contains the mapping of Files Data Sets to associated CA Datacom/AD databases. This information can be listed using the LIST command of the ADSDC680 utility. The DBLIST sample job is provided in the INSTALL library. We recommend that you run this as part of your normal backup process so you will always have a current copy of its contents. If the ADSDC650 control table is ever inadvertently destroyed, you can rebuild it from the contents of the report. For more information, see the section Rebuilding a Destroyed ADSDC650 Control Table.




//*  LIST THE CONTENTS OF THE ADSDC650 CONTROL TABLE.                    *



/*JOBPARM    S=*




//                DD        DISP=SHR,DSN=CAI.DISK.CCUWLOAD


//CMDPRINT    DD         SYSOUT=*

//MSGPRINT    DD         SYSOUT=*


//SYSPRINT     DD         SYSOUT=*

//REPORTS      DD         SYSOUT=*



//SYSIN  DD  *



The following are the customization points:

  • Ensure the SYSLIB DD identifies the CA Disk product load library that is also named in the STEPLIB concatenation.
  • Ensure the CA Datacom/AD libraries are contained in the STEPLIB concatenation.
  • Run the DBLIST job.