How catching Inter-region wait time in CICS transactions

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We currently purge transactions in CICS based on threshold  exceeded for  LIFETIME or CPUTIME.

But we don't want to purge transactions in a state of Waiting for the CICS  "Inter-region wait time", that could be that transaction is in conversational mode.

How we can setup our thresholds in order not to purge those transactions?




The CTHRESH definition has a "Cancel" attribute that specifies the cancellation type or strength.

We would suggest setting this to "AUTO".  At time of cancel, the AUTO will use the SYSVIEW CICS Transaction Cancellation definitions to determine how to cancel, or if NOT to cancel based on current wait reason. 


AUTO - Determine cancellation type based on wait reasons defined in the parmlib member  CTRANCAN.

Transaction cancel definitions can also be viewed and modified using the CTRANCAN 


Then, you would setup a CTRANCAN definition with  NOCANCEL in the DYNAMIC column for the specific wait reason you want to wait:


You should use CTASKS to view that condition and use the values in columns WaitType and WaitName 


Moreover, many examples of Wait Type and Wait Name are available in the Parmlib member CTRANCAN : 



Additional Information:

CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management - 14.1 - Parmlib Member - CTRANCAN